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Cecilia Herzog,  Rio de Janeiro

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  • Cecilia Herzog

    Cecilia Herzog

    Cecilia Herzog is the president and co-founder of Inverde Institute, which aims to educate and raise public awareness about green infrastructure and the role of biodiversity and ecosystems services in cities to build resilience and lower the ecological footprint. She researches how different cities in the world have transformed their landscapes to support biodiversity providing a better quality of life to people in harmony with nature. In the last four years she has been determined to bring an ecological culture to the Brazilian urban scene through various means, such as promoting monthly lectures in various fields in Rio de Janeiro, lecturing in different cities and writing in Portuguese about bringing nature back to the cities. She has been working to change the local current trend of globalized modernist landscapes and the elimination of native biodiversity and wetlands. Among other projects, Cecilia is collaborating with the Environmental City Department to develop and support the Ecological Corridors planning for the city of Rio de Janeiro (Mosaico Carioca).

    July 12, 2015

    I believe that urban landscape matters! The landscape in which one grows up, matures, and lives life may be the essential factor in determining the behavior towards and empathy with nature and with other people and their cultures. The landscape can even be the way we connect to ourselves. The shape of our cities is … Continue reading Landscape, Cities, and the Pope: a Shift for a Better Future?

    May 7, 2014
    Chart of the survey – in the Box the translation and percentages of different professional fields interested in Urban Ecology (note that Landscape Architecture is really inexpressive due to the lack of formal education in the area)

    Talking about biodiversity and nature in cities? If you do this in Brazil it will probably sound weird to a lot of educated people, including professionals and researchers on urban and ecological areas. And that’s exactly what I do most of the time. Actually, it is interesting how I got to what I do now, … Continue reading Education, Communication and Mobilization: Is Urban Ecology the Way Forward for Urban Planning and Design in Brazilian cities?

    November 10, 2013
    “Jardin d´Éole” – Novo parque na zona norte da Cidade: ecossistema arenoso no lado direitor, com pequeno alagado construído na extrema direita. Photo: Cecilia Herzog

    Em Português. Urban food production is gaining momentum with launching of books, seminars and congresses, websites and social media. Some cities have programs to promote people-nature direct contact through vegetable gardens — common or in allotment gardens. Urban dwellers are becoming more and more engaged in cultivating and collaborating in common public spaces, transforming many underused … Continue reading People Take Over Nature in Cities with their Own Hands

    July 10, 2013
    São Paulo durante as manifestações na Avenida Paulista, o  centro econômico e financeiro da cidade visto de dentro da Horta do Ciclista trabalho do grupo de “Hortelões Urbanos” – cidadãos que estão preocupados com alimentação saudável e contato direto com a natureza. Crédito: Fernanda Danelon

    A versão em Português segue imediatamente. In my last TNOC article, I wrote about the city of Rio de Janeiro’s rich biodiversity and the huge transformations that the city is going through, boosted by the international events that are already taking place here: 2013 FIFA Confederations Soccer Cup happened in June and the Pope will … Continue reading It Is Time to Really “Green” the Marvelous City

    December 2, 2012

    I have always thought – I am really lucky because I live in a city with rich biodiversity that still remains in patches spread in the hills and close to the ocean. In spite of other problems we have, being close to nature is a great asset that attracts countless visitors from all around the … Continue reading A Green Dream to Counter “Greenwashing” in Brazilian Cities

    July 10, 2012
    Figure 4

    (Nota: A versão em Português segue imediatamente.) The tropical urban landscapes of Rio de Janeiro, a city of 6.3 million inhabitants, are really impressive and unique. It is the outcome of five centuries of nature-human interaction. Last week UNESCO elected part of the city as a World Cultural Heritage. It is quite meaningful that most … Continue reading Connecting the Wonderful Landscapes of Rio de Janeiro