Stories of the Nature of Cities 1/2 Hour. Episode 2—Sea Level Rise

Karen Tsugawa, . 
7 October 2020

Many voices. Greener cities. Better cities.

Episode 2—Sea Level Rise

Thursday 5 November, 11am EDT

This episode’s theme: Sea Level Rise. The read stories are Rym Kechacha’s “Old Father Thames” and Alyssa Eckles’ “Uolo and the Idol”. The Stories are first read, then authors Rym and Alyssa then join for conversation.

Old Father Thames by Rym Kechacha
The narrator gets swept away by Old Father Thames after playing on a riverbank and ignoring a flood warning.

Uolo and the Idol by Alyssa Eckles
Uolo discovers an idol of a woman while fishing in the automobile reef.

“Stories of the Nature of Cities 1/2 Hour” is a monthly series of readings from TNOC’s collection of very short fiction about future cities. Each episode is 30 minutes and features two readings and then a conversation between the authors and an urban practitioner.

The stories are drawn from the book of flash fiction (less than 1000 words) on future cities TNOC and partners created, called “A Flash of Silver Green”.



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