Partner with TNOC or Join as a Contributor

Many voices. Greener cities. Better cities.

We welcome new voices and partners. There are a number of ways to work with us within TNOC’s mission to collaborate to create cities that are better for both people and nature.

Write us and let’s see what we might do together: [email protected]

  • Join us as a contributor. We welcome all disciplines from every part of the world. We think you have something to say.
  • Create a roundtable with us. Our roundtables are small groups of global urbanists responding to a specific prompt or question. Let’s create one together.
  • Publishing partnerships. Projects or organizations can find a co-branded home for their content at TNOC, publishing through TNOC’s regular stream (and our broad audience) and landing on a dedicated page. The Just City Essays is an example of such a partnership. Read more about this idea here.
  • Project partnerships. Partner with us on a specific projects, such as we are doing with the U.S. Forest Service on artist residencies with scientists in New York City.
  • Language groups. A new projects called TNOC Francophone create a network of French-speaking urbanists, writing in French. Other such ideas are possible.
  • Event collaborations. We can work with you to create innovative engagements. 
  • Or something we haven’t thought of