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Many voices. Greener cities. Better cities.

We are over 650 contributors from around the world, all passionate about understanding cities as ecosystems and human habitat, with urban nature and its importance for people at the center of urban design for resilience, sustainability, livability, and justice.

Urban social-ecology and design, indeed urban life, is fundamentally multidimensional, and we are a diverse group, including ecologists, sociologists, architects, designers, leaders of NGO’s, city managers, gardeners, professors, activists, artists, entrepreneurs, and writers. Explore the list below to see who we are and where we live.

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Grover, Aakriti

Aakriti Grover
City: Delhi

York, Abigail

Abigail York
City: Tempe

Glenn, Adam

Adam Glenn
City: New York

Sood, Aditya

Aditya Sood
City: Delhi

Benepe, Adrian

Adrian Benepe
City: New York City

Bardekjian, Adrina

Adrina Bardekjian
City: Montreal

Tacón, Alberto

Alberto Tacón
City: Valdivia

Guertin, Alexandre

Alexandre Guertin
City: Montreal

Gasparatos, Alexandros

Alexandros Gasparatos
City: Tokyo

Schaffler, Alexis

Alexis Schaffler
City: Berkeley/Johannesburg/Cape Town

Russ, Alex

Alex Russ
City: Ithaca

Lechner, Alex

Alex Lechner
City: Kuala Lumpur

Hertzog-Fraser, Alice

Alice Hertzog-Fraser
City: Zurich

Zomer, Alisa

Alisa Zomer
City: New Haven

Benjamin, Alison

Alison Benjamin
City: London

Barau, Aliyu

Aliyu Barau
City: Kano

Bernett, Allison

Allison Bernett
City: New York City

Palenske, Allison

Allison Palenske
City: Edinburgh

Yang, Aloïs

Aloïs Yang
City: Prague

González Reyes, Álvaro

Álvaro González Reyes
City: Valdivia

Grant, Amber

City: Toronto

Baviskar, Amita

Amita Baviskar
City: Delhi

Neupane, Amosh

Amosh Neupane
City: Middlebury

Chomowicz, Amy

Amy Chomowicz
City: Portland

Cutter-Mackenzie, Amy

Amy Cutter-Mackenzie
City: Gold Coast, AU

Hahs, Amy

Amy Hahs
City: Ballarat, Australia

Faggi, Ana

Ana Faggi
City: Buenos Aires

Artesi, AnaLuisa

AnaLuisa Artesi
City: Buenos Aires

Albuquerque G. Redondo, Andréa

Andréa Albuquerque G. Redondo
City: Rio de Janeiro

Weber, Andreas

Andreas Weber
City: Berlin

Gonçalves, André

André Gonçalves
City: Goiânia

Mader, Andre

Andre Mader
City: Montreal

Ortega, Andre

Andre Ortega
City: Manila

Flajszer, Andrés

Andrés Flajszer
City: Barcelona

Mansur, Andressa

Andressa Mansur
City: Cádiz

Viljoen, Andre

Andre Viljoen
City: Brighton

Adam-Bradford, Andrew

Andrew Adam-Bradford
City: Coventry

Clements, Andrew

Andrew Clements
City: Corinth

Grant, Andrew

Andrew Grant
City: Bath

Rudd, Andrew

Andrew Rudd
City: New York City

Danyluk, Angela

Angela Danyluk
City: Vancouver

Glover Blackwell, Angela

Angela Glover Blackwell
City: New York

Loder, Angela

Angela Loder
City: Denver

Mahendra, Anjali

Anjali Mahendra
City: Chapel Hill & New Delhi

Bormans, Ankia

Ankia Bormans
City: Cape Town

Backstrom, Anna

Anna Backstrom
City: Melbourne

Bubnova, Anna

Anna Bubnova
City: St. Petersburg

Dietzsch, Anna

Anna Dietzsch
City: São Paulo

Trumble, Anne

Anne Trumble
City: Los Angeles

Faye, Antoine

Antoine Faye
City: Dakar