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Singing in the Noise
Luis Sandoval, San José, Costa Rica

Urbanization not only changes the landscape structure due to land cover change, fragmentation of natural habitats, and creation of artificial habitats, it also changes the...

Ecosystems for everyone: Who should have access to the myriad benefits of ecosystem services and urban nature? Everyone. Does everyone? No. How will we achieve this moral imperative?
Isabelle Michele Sophie Anguelovski, Barcelona Georgina Avlonitis, Cape Town Julie Bargmann, Charlottesville Nathalie Blanc, Paris PK Das, Mumbai Marthe Derkzen, Amsterdam Maggie Scott Greenfield, New York Fadi Hamdan, Beirut Nadine Kalisch, Nockberge Jim Labbe, Portland Francois Mancebo, Paris Harini Nagendra, Bangalore Flaminia Paddeu, Paris Steward Pickett, Poughkeepsie Andrew Rudd, New York City Suraya Scheba, Cape Town Marcelo Lopes de Souza, Rio de Janeiro Hita Unnikrishnan, Bangalore Diana Wiesner, Bogota Pengfei XIE, Beijing


New York’s Central Park as Muse, as Imagination, as Home
Mary Mattingly, New York City

A review of: Painting Central Park, by Roger Pasquier. 2015. ISBN: 0-86565-314-3. Vendome Press, New York. 197 pages. Buy the Book. For the past two years, I’ve...

Where Can I Dream? Eight Stories of Life in Bogotá
Diana Wiesner, Bogota

(Una versión en español, aqui.) In pondering the question: “Who should have access to the countless benefits and services that urban ecosystems provide?” We have...

Thinking About the Concept of “Cultural Nature” while Walking the Gardens of Méréville
Louise Lezy-Bruno, Paris

The first time I visited the Méréville Estate and its Anglo-Chinese garden, created south of Paris at the end of the 18th century, I was...

The Sustainability Challenge of Feeding Cities
Graciela Arosemena, Panama City

The food system is not as evident as other aspects of urban development. However, it involves many aspects of cities, such as mobility and transportation,...

Ecologies of Elsewhere: Giving Urban Weeds a “Third Glance”
Daniel Phillips, Bangalore

Volunteers. Exotics. Aliens. Weeds. Whatever happens to be your preferred nomenclature when describing the existence and behavior of spontaneous vegetation, it’s clear that many biases abound....

Urban Farming for Everyone / La Agricultura Urbana para Todos
Francois Mancebo, Paris

A review of: Agricultura Urbana – Espacios de Cultivo para una Ciudad Sostenibles / Urban Agriculture – Spaces of Cultivation for a Sustainable City by Graciela Arosemena. 2012. 128...

Re-culturing an Urban Collective Ethos of Sustainability
Harini Nagendra, Bangalore

In August 2017, I spent three days at the very stimulating Resilience 2017 conference, listening to conversations between nearly a thousand attendees—students, scholars, practitioners, musicians...

What the Garden-Hacking Grandmas and Grandpas of South Korea Know
Patrick Lydon, San Jose & Seoul

More than a century ago, urbanist Ebenezer Howard invented the concept of a “garden city”—a city with a bustling urban core, fanning out into green...