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Placing Equity at the Center of the Urban Greening Agenda
Peleg Kremer, Princeton Annegret Haase, Leipzig Dagmar Haase, Berlin

Equity and Sustainability: a history of ideological convergence vs. practiced indifference The idea that equity is an important and indispensable part of sustainable development has...

And, Now What? Exploring what happens after a 16,000-kilometer walk across two continents
Jennifer Baljko, Barcelona

Those last few days in June, we could see Barcelona’s shape in the distance. The three chimneys from the old power plant. The slanted roof...

Paseos Verdes: The Story of a Morning Walk and a Partnership for Greater Community and Watershed Health
Bruce Roll, Portland

Since its beginning fifteen years ago, the landscape conservation program called Tree for All (TFA) has found a home for more than 10 million native...

Highlights from The Nature of Cities in 2019
David Maddox, New York

Today’s post celebrates some of the highlights from TNOC writing in 2019. These contributions—originating around the world—were one or more of widely read, offering novel points...

TNOC Summit Dialogue: Demanding access to green space as a right for everyone
Isabelle Michele Sophie Anguelovski, Barcelona Adrian Benepe, New York Samarth Das, Mumbai David Maddox, New York City

Tree Planting in Green Urban Infrastructure
Graciela Arosemena, Panama City

Lea esto en español. The functions of today’s green are defined mainly by the needs that were conceived in the hygienist movement linked to the...

A Storm in a Bioswale: Breaking Down Barriers to Nature-Based Solutions
Stuart Connop, London Caroline Nash, London

Nature-based solutions are emerging as a key mechanism for renaturing cities, yet barriers around evidence and effectiveness still stand in the way of widespread rollout...

Cities are the Perfect Laboratories for a Global Green New Deal
Sven Eberlein, San Francisco

It was only a year ago when the idea of a Green New Deal entered the American public sphere with a big splash. When a...

Is Experimenting Natural in Cities? The Nature of Experiments and the Experiments with Nature
Niki Frantzeskaki, Melbourne

Experimentation is a way to bring new solutions or approaches to cities. As a researcher on sustainability and sustainability transitions, I believe that, if solutions...

Neither Above Nor Below
Claire Stanford, Los Angeles

Jakarta Is Sinking So Fast, It Could End Up Underwater —New York Times headline, 12/21/17 A flash of silver-green in the water. That is all...

Biophilia Revived: How Do We Strengthen the Connection to the Natural Environment in a City Expanding in the Desert
Abdallah Tawfic, Cairo

I live in a country that lives the dream of conquering the desert and building new cities. Cairo is the second largest city in Africa...

National Park City: What if your city were a National Park City, analogous to what London created? What it would be like? What would it take to accomplish?
Alison Barnes, London Méliné Baronian, Versailles Maud Bernard-Verdier, Berlin Ioana Biris, Amsterdam Timothy Blatch, Cape Town Geoff Canham, Tauranga Samarth Das, Mumbai Gillian Dick, Glasgow Luis Antonio Roman Diez, Merida Eduardo Guerrero, Bogotá Sue Hilder, Glasgow Mike Houck, Portland Sophie Lokatis, Berlin Aletta Bonn, Berlin Scott Martin, Louisville Sebastian Miguel, Buenos Aires Gareth Moore-Jones, Ohope Beach Rob Pirani, New York Daniel Raven-Ellison, London Tom Rozendal, Breda Snorri Sigurdsson, Reykjavík Lynn Wilson, Vancouver