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Proposals for the Environment and the Future of Cities
Kevin Sloan, Dallas-Fort Worth

A Brief History of Climate Change Issued in November of 2018 by a collection of 13 government agencies known as the U.S. Global Change Research...

From Wet Feet to a Tiny Food Forest—How These 4th Graders Transformed Their Schoolyard into a Tiny Food Forest
Marthe Derkzen, Amsterdam

A Tiny Food Forest? As in, an edible forest? At school? Driven and designed by a bunch of 4thgraders? Absolutely. This project became a reality...

Cities’ Quality of Life, Health, and Sustainability Are Defined by Access to Nearby Parks
Adrian Benepe, New York Benita Hussain, New York

Since the mid-nineteenth century, parks have always been deeply intertwined in the modern identities of cities. In the U.S., Central Park is less a feature...

Vegetating Tall Buildings
Gary Grant, London

In 1883, a rooftop garden theatre opened in New York City. The idea was to escape the city summer heat, whilst enjoying some evening entertainment,...

From Biocultural Diversity to a Nature-Culture Alliance
William Dunbar, Tokyo

Since I was invited to start writing about biocultural diversity for The Nature of Cities in 2015, there have been a number of developments in...

Mr. Rogers, Tikkun Olam, and Thinking Like a Mountain
Keith Tidball, Ithaca

I recently watched the much acclaimed two-hour documentary on the life and accomplishments of Fred Rogers, the beloved host of the popular children’s TV show...

Whose Park? The Forty-Year Fight for Justice in ‘The People’s Park’ under Copenhagen’s Evolving Urban Managerialism
Rebecca Rutt, Copenhagen Stephanie Loveless, Barcelona

In the last three decades, Copenhagen has shifted from an obscure Nordic capital to a leading global city. It is known for progressive environmental policies,...

What I mean when I talk about collaboration. What is a specific experience collaborating on a project with someone from a different discipline or “way of knowing”?
Pippin Anderson, Cape Town Carmen Bouyer, Paris Lindsay Campbell, New York City Gillian Dick, Glasgow Lonny Grafman, Arcata Eduardo Guerrero, Bogotá Britt Gwinner, Washington Keitaro Ito, Fukutsu City Madhusudan Katti, Raleigh Jessica Kavonic, Cape Town Yvonne Lynch, Melbourne Mary Mattingly, Brooklyn Brian McGrath, New York City Tischa Muñoz-Erickson, Río Piedras, Puerto Rico Ragene Palma, Manila Diane Pataki, Salt Lake City Wilson Ramirez Hernandez, Bogotá Bruce Roll, Portland David Simon, Gothenburg Tomomi Sudo, Kyushu Dimitra Xidous, Dublin


Mosaic Management: The Missing Ingredient for Biodiversity Innovation in Urban Greenspace Design
Stuart Connop, London Caroline Nash, London

With a new stream of studies adding to evidence revealing disturbing declines in global populations of insects (Hallmann et al. 2018, Lister & Garcia 2018, Sánchez-Bayo...

Historic Urban Public Parks: Are They Being Incrementally Spoiled?
Steve Brown, Sydney

Urban public parks are under constant siege; and the issue is an increasingly global matter. Typically created as public recreation spaces and local community green...

The Beaver, Cottonwoods, and Lucy: Preservation Is Not Enough
Mike Houck, Portland

In a previous essay, Size Doesn’t Matter, Really, I made the case that even small scraps of urban green, such as Portland’s one-square-block Tanner Springs...

Disaster Recovery? Yet Another Missed Opportunity to Build Back Better, Inclusive, and Sustainable Cities
Fadi Hamdan, Beirut

Throughout the world, cities are undergoing significant damage and destruction due to a combination of: (1) natural hazards increasing in severity, frequency and losses due...