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Co-creating Inclusive Green Cities: European Examples and Global Learning Opportunities
Katharina Hölscher, Rotterdam Alice Reil, Freiburg

“Co-creation” has garnered much buzz as a promising enabler of greener and better cities for all. During a hands-on session (“Co-creating inclusive green cities: European...

How is the concept of “stewardship” and “care for local environments” expressed around the world?
Nathalie Blanc, Paris Lindsay Campbell, New York Zorina Colasero, Puerto Princesa City Kirk Deitschman, Waimānalo Johan Enqvist, Cape Town Emilio Fantin, Milan Artur Jerzy Filip, Warsaw Carlo Gomez, Puerto Princesa City Cecilia Herzog, Rio de Janeiro Michelle Johnson, New York City Kevin Lunzalu, Nairobi Patrick M. Lydon, Osaka Romina Magtanong, Puerto Princesa City Heather McMillen, Honolulu Ranjini Murali, Bangalore Harini Nagendra, Bangalore Ferus Niyomwungeri, Kigali Ragene Palma, Manila Beatriz RuizpalaciosHuda Shaka, Dubai Erika Svendsen, New York Abdallah Tawfic, Cairo Diana Wiesner, Bogota Xin Yu, Shenzhen

WILD STRAY CARE: Exploring multiple ways people co-exist with urban nature
Ferne Edwards, Barcelona Amy Hahs, Ballarat Yun Hye HWANG, Singapore

Human relationships with nature are highly complex and variable. Particularly now when the human connection to nature has been highly disrupted, and the sense of...

How Much Nature in Cities Should Be Set Aside?
Will Allen, Chapel Hill

Even in an era of extreme political divisiveness across the globe, clean air, clean water, and land conservation are extremely important goals across the political...

Can Cities be Greta?
Peleg Kremer, Princeton Raz Godelnik, Princeton

On the last week of September millions of people participated in climate strike marches around the world, protesting against global inaction on climate change. Led...

Towards Innovative Design of Stormwater Management, with Landscape at the Center
Gloria Aponte, Medellín

A review of Sustainable Stormwater Management: A Landscape-Driven Approach to Planning and Design, by Thomas W. Liptan with J. David Santen Jr. 2017. ISBN 13:978-1-60469-486-4. Timber Press,...

China Is Investing $13 Trillion in Construction. Will It Pursue Zero Carbon Buildings?
Tatsatom Goncalves, Washington, DC Debbie Weyl, Washington, DC

China is in the midst of a construction mega-boom. The country has the largest buildings market in the world, making up 20% of all construction investment globally. And it’s only...

Smart vs Green: Technology Paradigms Battle it Out for the Future City
Sarah Hinners, Salt Lake City

 Vision A—The Smart City: The city is an intricate network of digital communications, computations, and connections. Data are being collected everywhere, at all times, and...

Avoid Pitfalls and Expand the Promise of Urban Wetlands for Biodiversity: A Tale of Three Urban Wetlands
Timothy Bonebrake, Hong Kong

Madagascar is well known for its incredible biodiversity; the lemurs, chameleons, and the baobabs are, for good reason, recognized as the environmental rock stars of...

Teleportation and the Reinvention of the World’s Cities: A 20-year Retrospective
Rob McDonald, Washington, DC

It began, like electricity before it, as a new technology for the rich in lower Manhattan to play with. A daring startup, Helios Travel, began...

One Minute of Dance a Day, at TNOC Summit
Nadia Vadori-Gauthier, Paris

One of the One Minute of Dance a Day project. This dance was performed on the Sorbonne campus during the TNOC Summit, outside the main...

The Post-2020 Biodiversity Framework
Didier Babin, Paris Oliver Hillel, Montreal Elisabeth Chouraki, Paris

The team working for the Post-2020 Biodiversity Framework – EU Support project implemented by Expertise France participated to the international summit The Nature of Cities...