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Neither Above Nor Below
Claire Stanford, Los Angeles

Jakarta Is Sinking So Fast, It Could End Up Underwater —New York Times headline, 12/21/17 A flash of silver-green in the water. That is all...

Biophilia Revived: How Do We Strengthen the Connection to the Natural Environment in a City Expanding in the Desert
Abdallah Tawfic, Cairo

I live in a country that lives the dream of conquering the desert and building new cities. Cairo is the second largest city in Africa...

National Park City: What if your city were a National Park City, analogous to what London created? What it would be like? What would it take to accomplish?
Alison Barnes, London Méliné Baronian, Versailles Maud Bernard-Verdier, Berlin Ioana Biris, Amsterdam Timothy Blatch, Cape Town Geoff Canham, Tauranga Samarth Das, Mumbai Gillian Dick, Glasgow Luis Antonio Roman Diez, Merida Eduardo Guerrero, Bogotá Sue Hilder, Glasgow Mike Houck, Portland Sophie Lokatis, Berlin Aletta Bonn, Berlin Scott Martin, Louisville Sebastian Miguel, Buenos Aires Gareth Moore-Jones, Ohope Beach Rob Pirani, New York Daniel Raven-Ellison, London Tom Rozendal, Breda Snorri Sigurdsson, Reykjavík Lynn Wilson, Vancouver

Inspiring District Residents, Specialists, and Government Officials to Work Together to Create a Park That Would Sustain Biodiversity and Meet People’s Desires
Nadezhda Kiyatkina, Moscow

Этот текст также можно прочитать на русском языке. For the last two years our interdisciplinary team has been working on the Cherished Meadow (Zapovedniy lug,...

Free to Live Beautiful Lives
Rodolphe Deborre, Lille

Good evening. I’m quite moved by the fantastic show we just had. So, I’m going to be experimental as well, because it’s going to be...

City as Nature Festival, Osaka, Japan
Patrick M. Lydon, Osaka

Co-sponsored by The Nature of Cities and FRIEC, the inaugural City as Nature Festival took place from 11-22 October 2019 in Osaka, Japan. Featuring interactive,...

Community, Collaboration, and Controversy: A Story of Activists, Architects, Scientists, Engineers, and a Vision to Transform Artifacts into Amenities and Oil Tanks into Oyster Beds.
Jay Valgora, New York

As a student, I walked the narrow river, sliding along edges to reach the massive curves of the abandoned grain elevators, rising in the sunlight reflecting...

How to Sell “Nature in Cities” to the Middle Class
Cha-Ly Koh, Kuala Lumpur

Cities are not only hosting 68% of the world’s population by 2050, but a growing population of mobile-toting, car driving, and home ownership aspiring middle...

Why are we doing walking tours in African cities? To help us see and engage with small scale urbanism and urban tinkering.
Pippin Anderson, Cape Town Celestine Collins, Kisumu Julie Goodness, Stockholm Jessica Kavonic, Cape Town Odhiambo Ken K'oyooh, Kisumu Viveca Mellegård, Stockholm Benard Ojwang, Kisumu Aiuba Oliveira, Nacala Semakula Samson, Entebbe Ellika Hermansson Torok, Stockholm Thandeka Tshabalala, Cape Town

Plastic Bag as Tumbleweed: Poetic Observations of the Everyday Around Us
Malerie Lovejoy, Oxford

A review of Urban Tumbleweed: Notes from a Tanka Diary, by Harryette Mullen. Greywolf Press 2013. Buy the book. For renowned poet and professor, Harryette Mullen,...

For Urban Sustainability, What Research Do We Need Now?
Mark Hostetler, Gainesville

For over 25 years, as an urban ecologist working in academic institutions and collaborating with city planners, developers, and the public, I have seen the...

Can Artistic Knowledge Bring Us Closer to Encountering the Co-influence of all Living Organisms?
Audrey Yeo, Edinburgh

“the knowing self is partial in all its guises, never finished, and can thus only develop in combination with others.” — Donna Haraway in Situated Knowledges:...