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Toronto Harbour Cleanup: The Cornerstone of Waterfront Revitalization
John Hartig, Windsor

As Toronto grew into Canada’s largest city and a world leader in business, finance, technology, entertainment, and culture, there were unintended consequences such as water...

Who Takes Care of New York?
Lindsay Campbell, New York

Civic leaders and community members regularly put time and energy into caring and advocating for the environment. We call these acts of care stewardship. Beyond...

Re-envisioning Cities Through Bottom Up Neighbourhood Planning, Not Top Down Master Planning
PK Das, Mumbai

If there is one thing that I have to state as being the most important learning from my living and working in Mumbai, it is...

Cloud Cities, Melting Cities: A Review of Yumiko Ono’s “Epitomes” at Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei
Patrick M. Lydon, Osaka

A review of “Epitomes,” an exhibition by Yumiko Ono, on view at Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Taipei through 2 February 2020. Situated a...

TNOC Summit Dialogue: How can we provide living space for people?
Samarth Das, Mumbai Elisa Silva, Caracas David Simon, London Xin Yu, Shenzhen

A Fractal Solution to Regional Complexity and Governance
Mathieu Hélie, Montréal

Could we construct a new image of what the political boundaries of an urban landscape could take shape as? Instead of the hierarchical approach that...

Placing Equity at the Center of the Urban Greening Agenda
Peleg Kremer, Princeton Annegret Haase, Leipzig Dagmar Haase, Berlin

Equity and Sustainability: a history of ideological convergence vs. practiced indifference The idea that equity is an important and indispensable part of sustainable development has...

And, Now What? Exploring what happens after a 16,000-kilometer walk across two continents
Jennifer Baljko, Barcelona

Those last few days in June, we could see Barcelona’s shape in the distance. The three chimneys from the old power plant. The slanted roof...

Paseos Verdes: The Story of a Morning Walk and a Partnership for Greater Community and Watershed Health
Bruce Roll, Portland

Since its beginning fifteen years ago, the landscape conservation program called Tree for All (TFA) has found a home for more than 10 million native...

Highlights from The Nature of Cities in 2019
David Maddox, New York

Today’s post celebrates some of the highlights from TNOC writing in 2019. These contributions—originating around the world—were one or more of widely read, offering novel points...

TNOC Summit Dialogue: Demanding access to green space as a right for everyone
Isabelle Michele Sophie Anguelovski, Barcelona Adrian Benepe, New York Samarth Das, Mumbai David Maddox, New York City

Tree Planting in Green Urban Infrastructure
Graciela Arosemena, Panama City

Lea esto en español. The functions of today’s green are defined mainly by the needs that were conceived in the hygienist movement linked to the...