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The Beaver, Cottonwoods, and Lucy: Preservation Is Not Enough
Mike Houck, Portland

In a previous essay, Size Doesn’t Matter, Really, I made the case that even small scraps of urban green, such as Portland’s one-square-block Tanner Springs...

Disaster Recovery? Yet Another Missed Opportunity to Build Back Better, Inclusive, and Sustainable Cities
Fadi Hamdan, Beirut

Throughout the world, cities are undergoing significant damage and destruction due to a combination of: (1) natural hazards increasing in severity, frequency and losses due...

The Winter City: Ecologies of Snow, Ice and Cold
Laura Shillington, Managua & Montreal

But it was all The Fear of Snow —Leonard Cohen, The Best The city in winter invokes diverse imaginaries—from romantic, beautiful, and magical to cold,...

French Landscape Painters and the Nature of Paris
Patrick M. Lydon, Osaka

A review of Masterpieces of French Landscape Paintings from the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts Moscow, an exhibition at the National Museum of Fine Art...

What did you read in 2018 that moved you?
Isabelle Michele Sophie Anguelovski, Barcelona Marc Barra, Paris Katie Coyne, Austin Samarth Das, Mumbai Marcelo Lopes de Souza, Rio de Janeiro Artur Jerzy Filip, Warsaw Claudia Luna Fuentes, Saltillo Russell Galt, Edinburgh Ursula Heise, Los Angeles Toby Kent, Melbourne Patrick M. Lydon, Osaka Pascal Mittermaier, Boston Steward Pickett, Poughkeepsie Huda Shaka, Dubai David Simon, Gothenburg Jay Valgora, New York Chantal van Ham, Brussels

Orchards from the Forest: A Local Solution to Extinction
Alessandra Pavesi, São Paulo

The destruction of Cerrado (Brazilian Savannah), the second largest biome in Brazil after Amazonia, has become the main concern of urban collectives focused on reintroducing elements...

Rebuilding Bosnia and Herzegovina Cities
Jennifer Baljko, Barcelona

There is a sadness in Bosnia and Herzegovina that will follow me for a long time. Of all the wonders and troubles we have witnessed...

Rethinking Cities in Arid Environments for the 21st Century
Huda Shaka, Dubai

Arid cities around the world Over two years ago, my colleagues and I at Arup began a research project focused on the topic of planning...

Many Small Changes Cascade into Big Change
Leen Gorissen, Antwerp

How can cities accelerate transitions to sustainability? That was the central question in the collaborative EU-funded research project called ARTS, in which researchers, policy makers,...

Nature in the City—An Urban Adventure
Stephanie Pincetl, Los Angeles

My husband went on his bicycle to get our Christmas standing rib roast (an extravagance of every few years) at the local artisanal butcher. The...

The Planet’s Gift to Humans: Soil Uncovered
Chantal van Ham, Brussels

Soil is a unique living ecosystem that provides a wide range of services to people. It is the foundation of life on the planet, home...

Nature Rebounding in the Peri-Urban Landscapes that the Industrial Revolution Left Behind: North West England’s Carbon Landscape
Janice Astbury, Manchester Joanne Tippett, Manchester

Less than an hour cycling out of central Manchester along the Bridgewater Canal takes you into a green and blue landscape. It only becomes clear...