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Oh, For the Love of Bicycles! A Walking Reflection about Moving on Two Wheels through Urban and Rural Areas
Jennifer Baljko, Barcelona

Walking may be my main form of transportation these days, but I often daydream about wheels…bicycle wheels…and the way they move people through urban and...

London National Park City is a Reality
David Goode, Bath

During the past week the eyes of the world have been on London, to see a new Prime Minister installed at Westminster. But the week...

We’re Not “Solving” Wicked Challenges through Design and Science. Is That Ok?
Daniel Phillips, Detroit

Many of us are drawn to the process and potential of transdisciplinary projects through a desire to deepen the scope and impact of our work....

Closer to Home, Higher the Walls
Jennifer Baljko, Barcelona

We noticed an extraordinary thing walking across Asia and Europe since January 2016: the absence and presence of fences. It may not be extraordinary in...

Neighborhoods that Change in Non-linear Ways—Urban Planning for Succession
Mathieu Hélie, Montréal

For most of urban history, urbanization was a nonlinear process. Lots filled in as needed over time, in a process some call incremental growth, or...

Water Sensitive Urban Design Goes Mainstream in Victoria, Australia
Meredith Dobbie, Victoria

Victoria, in south-eastern Australia, has long had a reputation as a garden state, even to the extent of describing it as such on car registration...

Imagine A City Where No One Sleeps Outside: Eden Village, A Model to End Homelessness
Traci Sooter, Springfield

When Dr. David and Linda Brown retired, they moved into a loft in downtown Springfield, Missouri. Very quickly they got to know and become friends...

What prevents us from creating cities that are better for people and nature? It doesn’t seem like a lack of knowledge—don’t we have enough research knowledge to act on better policy? So, what is the impediment?
Adrian Benepe, New York Paul Downton, Melbourne Ana Faggi, Buenos Aires Sumetee Gajjar, Bangalore Russell Galt, Edinburgh Rob McDonald, Washington, DC Huda Shaka, Dubai Vivek Shandas, Portland Philip Silva, New York Naomi Tsur, Jerusalem

The Singing Air
Andreas Weber, Berlin

“…as if refusing to be caught / In any singular vision of my eye / Or in the nets and cages of my thought, /...

How Can We Improve Social Infrastructure?
Laura Landau, New York

A review of the book Palaces for the People: How Social Infrastructure Can Help Fight Inequality, Polarization, and the Decline of Civic Life, by Eric Klinenberg....

How can local governments retain and plant trees on private lands—a primer
Camilo Ordóñez, Melbourne Judy Bush, Melbourne Joe Hurley, Melbourne Marco Amati, Melbourne Stephen Livesley, Melbourne

The future sustainability and liveability of cities in many bioregions will depend on retaining established trees, and on planting new trees, including on private lands....

Imagining Future Cities in an Age of Ecological Change
Ursula Heise, Los Angeles

  The guidelines of the prompt were very simple. Stories had to be set in a city in the distant future (i.e. in or near...