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Resilience is Not Always Good
Jose Puppim, Johor Bahru / Cambridge / Rio

Many practitioners and scholars have emphasized the importance of strengthening urban system resilience. However, a less explored area of work is the resilience that affects...

A Walk Between Two Seas
Jennifer Baljko, Barcelona

I sit at a picnic table in a sliver of a park running alongside Istanbul Caddesi (street), not far from the Küçükçekmece Gölü, a natural...

City Making and Maker City: The Edge is the New Center
Jay Valgora, New York

When I look at cities, I always think about the edges. Urban edges: the gaps, the voids, “messed up” sections, interstices, leftover pieces, polluted or...

The Diverse Voices of Future Urban Environmental Educators
Cindy Thomashow, Seattle

This article describes a new approach to graduate studies, that works at the dynamic intersection of environmental issues and social justice. The Master of Arts...

Saving a Sense of Place, Saving Our Home / 拯救地方感,拯救家乡
Yueyang Yu, Beijing Marianne Krasny, Ithaca

Sometimes, as we strive to embrace our future, we are quick to abandon our past. In the process of changing and growing, do we let...

Gentrification Reconsidered: An Ambitious Framework for Equitable Urbanism
Sheila Foster, Washington, DC

A review of the book Gentrifier (UTP Insights) by John Joe Schlichtmann, Jason Patch, and Marc Lamont Hill. 2017. 256 pages. ISBN-10: 1442650451 / ISBN-13: 978-1442650459. University...

Water is Everywhere in Georgetown, Guyana—Our Disrespect for it will Kill Us
Melinda Janki, Georgetown, Guyana

Guyana sits on what was once known as the “wild coast” of South America. The area was a dangerous swamp that struck terror in the...

George Barker 1940-2018: A Tribute
David Goode, Bath

George Barker, who died on 1 May 2018, will be remembered fondly by all who worked with him. He was a modest man, always full...

Making Parks Relevant: Muir Woods as a Museum that Invites Multiple Narratives
Laura Booth, San Francisco

At Muir Woods National Monument, an old-growth redwood forest a half hour’s drive north of San Francisco, more than a million people a year from...

Map and Explore: Hidden Hydrology
Jason King, Portland

Our cities are filled with hidden stories. Some of these tales are unlocked through conversations with long-time residents and oral histories, while others emerge through...

Over the Years We Grow: National Scale Progress in Engagement and Research at Tree Canada
Adrina Bardekjian, Montreal

Over the past four years in leading the Engagement and Research portfolio at Tree Canada, I have had the opportunity to watch the organization grow,...

Enabling Efficient Urban Biodiversity Monitoring Through Modern Natural History and Citizen Science
Timothy Bonebrake, Hong Kong

The escalator that stretches from Victoria Harbour in central Hong Kong to the high-priced mid-levels neighborhood accommodates approximately 70,000 commuters daily. Surrounded by tall buildings,...