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Greening the Blues: Nature and Depression
Yvonne Lynch, Melbourne

The benefits of nature for general health are well established. Indeed, we intuitively know that green is good for our mental health, but just how...

Nature after Nature and the Animal Internet
Rob Pirani, New York

A review of the book Animal Internet: Nature and the Digital Revolution by Alexander Pschera (English translation from German by Elisabeth Lauffer). 2016. 209 pages.ISBN: 9781939931351. New...

Urban Habitat Management that Could Attract Species that Otherwise Avoid Cities
Luis Sandoval, San José

In 2010, humanity reaches a historical milestone, because the majority of humans started to live in the urban areas for the first time. This milestone...

Farmers From the City
Jennifer Baljko, Barcelona

It’s a hot June day in rural Greece. We stop in a run-down gas station on a small secondary road cutting through wheat fields on...

Ramsar COP 13: What can Artists Contribute to Urban Wetland Restoration?
Chris Fremantle, Ayrshire, Scotland

The Ramsar Convention (also known as Convention on Wetlands) is the first of the major intergovernmental convention on biodiversity conservation and wise use. It was...

Urban Metabolism: A Real World Model for Visualizing and Co-Creating Healthy Cities
Sven Eberlein, Oakland

Like the human body, cities are living, ever-evolving organisms. Just as diet, exercise, sleep, or laughter can be seen as indicators of our personal physical...

Bangalore Pile Study: Curiosity and Intervention in the Margins of a Megacity
Daniel Phillips, Bangalore

To begin to grasp Bangalore’s frenetic patterns of urbanization, Google Earth offers an interesting place to start. Yet despite its much lauded reputation as India’s...

When a Korean Hillside Town Disappears, Who will Notice?
Patrick M. Lydon, Osaka

A review of “A Local Neighborhood Traveler,” an exhibition of painting and drawing by Korean artist Se Hee Kim at the Boroomsan Museum of Art...

SALT: Restoration + Recreation = Water in California
Robin Lasser, Oakland Marguerite Perret, Topeka

It is late June and we are up to our knees floating a small tent sculpture in a containment pond filled with a thick green...

2046, year of our lady The Fog
Claudia Luna Fuentes, Saltillo

This is part of the TNOC poetry series “The City We’re In”. Lea el poema en español, su idioma original. Lisez le poème en français....

Artists in Conversation with Water in Cities
Carmen Bouyer, Paris Patrick M. Lydon, Osaka Antonio José García Cano, Murcia Katrine Claassens, Montreal Claudia Luna Fuentes, Saltillo Nazlı Gürlek, Istanbul & Palo Alto Basia Irland, Albuquerque Robin Lasser, Oakland Mary Mattingly, New York City Marguerite Perret, Topeka Bonnie Sherk, San Francisco Nadia Vadori-Gauthier Vadori-Gauthier, Paris Aloïs Yang, Prague

Changing Green Cities from Myth to Reality
Sumetee Gajjar, Bangalore

New town development or new cities, being rapidly built across much of Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, may be founded on the principles of...