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New Zealand’s Ecological Identity: Should We All Kill Exotic Species to Protect our Natural Heritage?
Yolanda van Heezik, Dunedin

The image of a child triumphantly brandishing a dead rat on national TV news in New Zealand, trapped in her backyard as part of a...

Jerusalem of Gold and Green
Naomi Tsur, Jerusalem

Jerusalem has been described as “golden” by many poets and writers, inspired not only by the golden domes of holy buildings in the city, but...

Participation in the Achievement of a Sustainable Ecology: The case of Irla nullah Re-invigoration Movement in Mumbai
PK Das, Mumbai

As I am writing this piece, the entire state of Kerala in India stands devastated due to floods. It is estimated that more than 300...

As a landscape architect, how do you interpret the word “biodiversity”? How does this meaning find expression in your design?
Gloria Aponte, Medellín AnaLuisa Artesi, Buenos Aires Andrew Grant, Bath Yun Hye HWANG, Singapore Maria E Ignatieva, Perth Jason King, Portland Victoria Marshall, Singapore Daniel Phillips, Detroit Mohan Rao, Bangalore Sylvie Salles, Paris Kevin Sloan, Dallas-Fort Worth Diana Wiesner, Bogota

A Picture We Wished was Worth 1000 Words, But in Fact Only a Few
Hita Unnikrishnan, Sheffield Harini Nagendra, Bangalore

Sustainable cities can be viewed from multiple perspectives. Each perspective can highlight or mute certain aspects, leading us to take different positions on complex issues....

How Greening Strategies Are Displacing Minorities in Post-Harvey Houston
Isabelle Michele Sophie Anguelovski, Barcelona

On 14 June 2018, Isabelle Anguelovski participated in the panel Designing, Planning and Paying for Resilience at Rice University Kinder Institute for Urban Research, where she and other...

Discovering New Life in the Aging Form of Suburbia
Kevin Sloan, Dallas-Fort Worth

A review of the book Suburban Remix: Creating the Next Generation of Urban Places, Edited by Jason Beske and David Dixon. 2018. 330 pages. ISBN: 9781610918626....

Connect Urban Planners and Urban Ecologists to Create Sustainable Canadian Cities
Carly Ziter, Montreal Matthew Mitchell, Vancouver Adrina Bardekjian, Montreal Tenley Conway, Toronto Angela Danyluk, Vancouver Michelle Molnar, Toronto Marcin Pachcinski, Vancouver Justin Podur, York Valentin Schaefer, Victoria Josephine Clark, Vancouver Sinead Murphy, Vancouver

The Challenge of Managing Urban Ecosystems Cities are increasingly understood as mosaics of grey, green, and blue infrastructure that interact in complex ways to affect...

A City Designed by Trees
Patrick M. Lydon, Osaka

Awake a few hours earlier than necessary, we are on bicycles heading through urban infill, in a part of town that used to be Osaka...

Tales from the London 2018 Heatwave. But Are We Listening?
Paula Vandergert, London

The 2018 London heatwave lasted weeks! I know we Brits like to talk about the weather—but honestly, it has been really hot—and it’s unheard of...

Taking the Long View: Looking at Landscape Restoration Through Varied Lenses
Bruce Roll, Portland

Each morning on my way to work, just west of Portland, Oregon, I pass a thriving new development with hundreds of brand new houses, a...

Hearing from the Future of Cities
Diana Wiesner, Bogota

“What I like about this landscape is that it’s not painted….I can move around into it and feel it. I think about all the things...