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How can local governments retain and plant trees on private lands—a primer
Camilo Ordóñez, Melbourne Judy Bush, Melbourne Joe Hurley, Melbourne Marco Amati, Melbourne Stephen Livesley, Melbourne

The future sustainability and liveability of cities in many bioregions will depend on retaining established trees, and on planting new trees, including on private lands....

Imagining Future Cities in an Age of Ecological Change
Ursula Heise, Los Angeles

  The guidelines of the prompt were very simple. Stories had to be set in a city in the distant future (i.e. in or near...

On Paschal Mysteries, Primates and Conflagration: Notre Dame and the Ecological Disenfranchisement of Western Civilization
Keith Tidball, Ithaca

I was vacationing in Florida, taking advantage of Spring Break, and Easter week, writing and reading and escaping the administrivia that accompanies the end of...

Lakes as Urban Classrooms | Reflections on the case of Rachenahalli Lake, Bangalore (2015-2018)
Sumetee Gajjar, Bangalore

Civic engagement by the Jaimitra trust, and various civic organisations involved in conserving Rachenahalli Lake, was to create a space expected to help alleviate the...

Reclamation and Mining: A Dangerous Fight for Sustainability in the Philippines
Ragene Palma, Manila

The Philippines has repeatedly taken blows causing environmental degradation. Last month, a dead whale was found with 40 kilograms of plastic in its stomach. In...

A Tribute to U.S. Congressman John Dingell – A Conservation Hero
John Hartig, Detroit

U.S. Congressman John D. Dingell, Jr. passed away on February 7th at the age of 92. He may be best known as the longest-serving member...

Crows of Vancouver: The Middle Way Between Biophobia and Biophilia
Christine Thuring, Vancouver

One of Metro Vancouver’s greatest spectacles is its twice daily crow migration that occurs every dawn and dusk, 365 days a year. Whatever your view...

What Cities Can Learn from Human Bodies
Nadine Galle, Amsterdam

At any one moment, trillions of chemical reactions take place in the human body: a myriad of connections, enzymes, and processes that together make up...

Proposals for the Environment and the Future of Cities
Kevin Sloan, Dallas-Fort Worth

A Brief History of Climate Change Issued in November of 2018 by a collection of 13 government agencies known as the U.S. Global Change Research...

From Wet Feet to a Tiny Food Forest—How These 4th Graders Transformed Their Schoolyard into a Tiny Food Forest
Marthe Derkzen, Amsterdam

A Tiny Food Forest? As in, an edible forest? At school? Driven and designed by a bunch of 4thgraders? Absolutely. This project became a reality...

Cities’ Quality of Life, Health, and Sustainability Are Defined by Access to Nearby Parks
Adrian Benepe, New York Benita Hussain, New York

Since the mid-nineteenth century, parks have always been deeply intertwined in the modern identities of cities. In the U.S., Central Park is less a feature...

Vegetating Tall Buildings
Gary Grant, London

In 1883, a rooftop garden theatre opened in New York City. The idea was to escape the city summer heat, whilst enjoying some evening entertainment,...