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What I mean when I talk about collaboration. What is a specific experience collaborating on a project with someone from a different discipline or “way of knowing”?
Pippin Anderson, Cape Town Carmen Bouyer, Paris Lindsay Campbell, New York Gillian Dick, Glasgow Lonny Grafman, Arcata Eduardo Guerrero, Bogotá Britt Gwinner, Washington Keitaro Ito, Fukutsu City Madhusudan Katti, Raleigh Jessica Kavonic, Cape Town Yvonne Lynch, Melbourne Mary Mattingly, Brooklyn Brian McGrath, New York City Tischa Muñoz-Erickson, Río Piedras, Puerto Rico Ragene Palma, Manila Diane Pataki, Salt Lake City Wilson Ramirez Hernandez, Bogotá Bruce Roll, Portland David Simon, London Tomomi Sudo, Kyushu Dimitra Xidous, Dublin


An urban planner and an urban ecologist walk into a bar. They chat about how (and maybe whether) “ecology” could play a bigger role in planning…
Will Allen, Chapel Hill Juan Azcarate, Bogotá Amy Chomowicz, Portland Katie Coyne, Austin Georgina Cullman, New York PK Das, Mumbai David Goode, Bath Mark Hostetler, Gainesville Elsa Limasset, Orléans Ragene Palma, Manila Diane Pataki, Salt Lake City Gil Penha-Lopes, Lisbon Lauren Smalls-Mantey, New York


Socioecological Science is Failing Cities. The Humanities Can Help
Diane Pataki, Salt Lake City

“Science cannot solve the ultimate mystery of nature. And that is because, in the last analysis, we ourselves are part of nature and therefore part...

Imagine an “ecological certification” for urban design. What are such a certification’s key elements?
Ankia Bormans, Cape Town Katie Coyne, Austin Sarah Dooling, Austin/Boston Nigel Dunnett, Sheffield Ana Faggi, Buenos Aires Sarah Hinners, Salt Lake City Mark Hostetler, Gainesville Jason King, Portland Marit Larson, New York City Nina-Marie Lister, Toronto Travis Longcore, Los Angeles Colin Meurk, Christchurch Diane Pataki, Salt Lake City Mohan Rao, Bangalore Aditya Sood, Delhi

Is Green the New Flying Car? A Visit to the World’s Fairs of 1964 and 2064
Diane Pataki, Salt Lake City

What inspires our work? Why have we each chosen to pursue a vision of cities that incorporates and expands our views of nature? Was it...

You say po-TAY-to. What ecologists and landscape architects don’t get about each other, but ought to.
Ana Faggi, Buenos Aires Mark Hostetler, Gainesville Maria E Ignatieva, Perth Amy Hahs, Ballarat Jürgen Breuste, Salzburg Susannah Drake, New York City Marcus Hedblom, Uppsala Andrew Grant, Bath Mike Wells, Bath Steven Handel, New Brunswick Diane Pataki, Salt Lake City Ian MacGregor-Fors, Xalapa Anne Trumble, Los Angeles Christine Thuring, Vancouver Kevin Sloan, Dallas-Fort Worth Gloria Aponte, Medellín Nina-Marie Lister, Toronto Sarah Hinners, Salt Lake City AnaLuisa Artesi, Buenos Aires Jala Makhzoumi, Beirut Jason King, Portland Yun Hye HWANG, Singapore Danielle Dagenais, Montreal Mary Cadenasso, Davis Veronica Fabio, Buenos Aires Peter Werner, Darmstadt

Wouldn’t it be Better if Ecologists and Planners Talked to Each Other More?
Diane Pataki, Salt Lake City Sarah Hinners, Salt Lake City Robin Rothfeder, Salt Lake City

If planners and ecologists found more ways to work together, would cities look different? Would they be better? The idea of planning and designing urban spaces...

10 scientists and 10 practitioners walk into a bar…what would they talk about? How can research and knowledge generation be co-created to better support practitioners and evidence-based decision making?
Myla Aronson, New Brunswick Georgina Avlonitis, Cape Town Keith Bowers, Charleston Sarah Charlop-Powers, New York Haripriya Gundimeda, Mumbai Bram Gunther, New York Ana Faggi, Buenos Aires Amy Hahs, Ballarat Fadi Hamdan, Beirut John Hartig, Windsor Mark Hostetler, Gainesville Maria E Ignatieva, Perth Michael Jemtrud, Montreal Deborah Lev, Portland Louise Lezy-Bruno, Paris Yvonne Lynch, Melbourne Ian MacGregor-Fors, Xalapa Charlie Nilon, Columbia Diane Pataki, Salt Lake City Jose Puppim, Johor Bahru / Cambridge / Rio Rebecca Salminen Witt, Detroit Eric Sanderson, New York Philip Silva, New York