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What is one thing every ecologist should know about urban ecology?
Pippin Anderson, Cape Town Erik Andersson, Stockholm Marc Barra, Paris Nathalie Blanc, Paris Marcus Collier, Dublin Paul Downton, Melbourne Ana Faggi, Buenos Aires Niki Frantzeskaki, Rotterdam Dagmar Haase, Berlin Steven Handel, New Brunswick Nadja Kabisch, Berlin Timon McPhearson, New York Harini Nagendra, Bangalore Steward Pickett, Poughkeepsie Philip Silva, New York Mike Wells, Bath Weiqi Zhou, Beijing

Half-Earth Cities
Paul Downton, Melbourne

In Half-Earth: Our Planet’s Fight for Life, published in 2016, E. O. Wilson made a reasoned and impassioned call for making our human future fit...

Are cities ecosystems—analogous to natural ones—of nature, infrastructure and people? Does thinking about cities in this way help us think about urban design?
Marina Alberti, Seattle Erik Andersson, Stockholm Sarah Dooling, Austin/Boston Paul Downton, Melbourne Thomas Elmqvist, Stockholm Nancy Grimm, Phoenix Dagmar Haase, Berlin Dominique Hes, Melbourne Kristina Hill, Berkeley Madhusudan Katti, Raleigh Francois Mancebo, Paris Clifford Ochs, Oxford Steward Pickett, Poughkeepsie Stephanie Pincetl, Los Angeles Rob Pirani, New York Richard Register, Berkeley Eric Sanderson, New York Alexis Schaffler, Berkeley/Johannesburg/Cape Town Vivek Shandas, Portland David Simon, Gothenburg Jane Toner, Melbourne Yolanda van Heezik, Dunedin Ken Yeang, Kuala Lumpur David Maddox, New York


What are we trying to accomplish with biophilic cities? What are ambitious goals and targets, and measures of success?
Pippin Anderson, Cape Town Tim Beatley, Charlottesville Lena Chan, Singapore Paul Downton, Melbourne Ian Douglas, Manchester Dusty Gedge, London David Goode, Bath Bram Gunther, New York Chris Ives, Nottingham Tania Katzschner, Cape Town Steve Maslin, Bristol Peter Newman, Perth Phil Roös, Geelong Eric Sanderson, New York Jana Söderlund, Perth Fleur Timmer, Bristol Chantal van Ham, Brussels Mike Wells, Bath Ken Yeang, Kuala Lumpur

Seven Things You Need to Know about Ecocities
Paul Downton, Melbourne

When I see titles like this, I always wince. Half-baked, hastily-gleaned, Internet-trolled info-news parading as something useful; it’s everywhere, and it’s only ever there as...

Can a City Be Sustainable?
Paul Downton, Melbourne

A review of Can a City Be Sustainable? By Gary Gardner, Tom Prugh, and Michael Renner. 2016. Island Press. Buy the book. This compact volume is an ambitious...

Common threads: connections among the ideas of Jane Jacobs and Elinor Ostrom, and their relevance to urban socio-ecology
Paul Downton, Melbourne Johan Enqvist, Stockholm Sheila Foster, Washington, DC Lisa Gansky, San Francisco Mathieu Hélie, Montréal Mark Hostetler, Gainesville Michelle Johnson, New York City Marianne Krasny, Ithaca David Maddox, New York Michael Mehaffy, Portland Harini Nagendra, Bangalore Raul Pacheco-Vega, Aguascalientes Mary Rowe, New York City Alex Russ, Ithaca Laura Shillington, Managua & Montreal Anne Trumble, Los Angeles Arjen Wals, Wageningen Abigail York, Tempe

Ceci N’est Pas le Ciel: Biophilia, Design, and Illusions of Authenticity
Paul Downton, Melbourne

A recent post by an online design-oriented magazine devoted to things environmental declared that it had been a good week for the environment and proceeded...

Graffiti and street art can be controversial, but can also be a medium for voices of social change, protest, or expressions of community desire. What, how, and where are examples of graffiti as a positive force in communities?
Pauline Bullen, Harare Paul Downton, Melbourne Emilio Fantin, Milan Ganzeer, Los Angeles Germán Gomez, Bogotá Sidd Joag, New York City Patrick M. Lydon, Osaka David Maddox, New York Patrice Milillo, Los Angeles Laura Shillington, Managua & Montreal

Ecodesign is for Citizens and Nature, not for Consumers
Paul Downton, Melbourne

A review of Ecodesign for Cities and Suburbs, by Jonathan Barnett and Larry Beasley. 2015. ISBN: 9781610913393. Island Press, Washington. 280 pages. Buy the book. This...

Creative Place-Making—This is The Nature of Graffiti
David Maddox, New York Pippin Anderson, Cape Town Paul Downton, Melbourne Emilio Fantin, Milan Germán Gomez, Bogotá Julie Goodness, Stockholm Mike Houck, Portland Todd Lester, Säo Paulo Patrick M. Lydon, Osaka Patrice Milillo, Los Angeles Laura Shillington, Managua & Montreal

Nature is all around us. Plants, animals, soil, air and water inhabit and animate our daily lives, whether you live in the country or in...

Sowing the Seeds of Green Urbanism: ‘Spring is Here and the Time is Right for Planting in the Streets’
Paul Downton, Melbourne

A review of The Revolutionary Urbanism of Street Farm: Eco-Anarchism, Architecture and Alternative Technology in the 1970s, by Stephen E. Hunt. 2014. ISBN 978-1-906477-44-8. Tangent...