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Do urban green corridors “work”? It depends on what we want them to do. What ecological and/or social functions can we realistically expect green corridors to perform in cities? What attributes define them, from a design and performance perspective?
Diego Borrero, Cali Kelly Brenner, Seattle Lena Chan, Singapore Geoffrey Davison, Singapore Susannah Drake, New York City Marcus Hedblom, Uppsala Mark Hostetler, Gainesville Chris Ives, Nottingham Tori Kjer, Los Angeles Kathryn Lwin, London Pierre-André Martin, Rio de Janeiro Colin Meurk, Christchurch Toni Pujol, Barcelona Glenn Stewart, Christchurch Marten Wallberg, Stockholm Na Xiu, Uppsala & Xi’an Irene Guida, Venice

A Natural Offset for the Rio 2016 Olympic Park
Pierre-André Martin, Rio de Janeiro

Brazilian landscapes suffer rapid and repetitive transformations through intense and successive periods of exploitation—for example, the Brazilwood that gave the country its name, sugar cane,...

Prospective Urbanism—Using Science and Fiction to Imagine a New Way for Urban Nature
Pierre-André Martin, Rio de Janeiro

A versão em Português segue imediatamente. Une version en français apparaît immédiatement après la version portugaise. Designing nature is a challenging task in an urban...

Putting Nature Back Into the Natural Beauty of Rio de Janeiro
Pierre-André Martin, Rio de Janeiro

It is an irony that despite the magnificent natural beauty of Rio de Janeiro, the city itself is largely devoid of functioning nature. It is...