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How Much Nature in Cities Should Be Set Aside?
Will Allen, Chapel Hill

Even in an era of extreme political divisiveness across the globe, clean air, clean water, and land conservation are extremely important goals across the political...

A Transformative New Era for Landscape Conservation in Cities
Will Allen, Chapel Hill

When I started my career in land and water conservation almost 25 years ago, cities and nature were usually seen as two separate things. Many...

An urban planner and an urban ecologist walk into a bar. They chat about how (and maybe whether) “ecology” could play a bigger role in planning…
Will Allen, Chapel Hill Juan Azcarate, Bogotá Amy Chomowicz, Portland Katie Coyne, Austin Georgina Cullman, New York PK Das, Mumbai David Goode, Bath Mark Hostetler, Gainesville Elsa Limasset, Orléans Ragene Palma, Manila Diane Pataki, Salt Lake City Gil Penha-Lopes, Lisbon Lauren Smalls-Mantey, New York


Protecting More with Less: More Nature in Cities with the Science of Strategic Conservation
Will Allen, Chapel Hill

Not long ago, cities and nature were usually seen as two separate things. Thankfully nature and cities are now being acknowledged as inextricably linked, and...

Designing Urban Nature: The Domain of Ecologically Informed Planners or Landscape Architects?
Will Allen, Chapel Hill

A review of: Nature and Cities: The Ecological Imperative in Urban Design and Planning by Frederick R. Steiner, George F. Thompson, Armando Carbonell (eds.). 2016. ISBN...

The Emerald Necklace: Metropolitan Greenspace Planning in Los Angeles and Beyond
Will Allen, Chapel Hill Claire Robinson, Los Angeles Mike Houck, Portland

Introduction Mike Houck Urban Greenspaces Institute In winter 2009, Houston Wilderness hosted an inaugural meeting of what would become the Metropolitan Greenspace Alliance. Today the...