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New Integrated and Actionable Urban Knowledge for the Cities We Want and Need
Thomas Elmqvist, Stockholm Xuemei Bai, Canberra Niki Frantzeskaki, Melbourne Corrie Griffith, Tempe David Maddox, New York Timon McPhearson, New York Sue Parnell, Cape Town Paty Romero-Lankao, Boulder David Simon, London Mark Watkins, Phoenix

A preview of the book, Urban Planet: Knowledge Towards Sustainable Cities. 2018. Editors: Thomas Elmqvist, Xuemei Bai, Niki Frantzeskaki, Corrie Griffith, David Maddox, Timon McPhearson, Susan Parnell,...

Building Urban Science to Achieve the New Urban Agenda
Timon McPhearson, New York Sue Parnell, Cape Town David Simon, London Thomas Elmqvist, Stockholm Xuemei Bai, Canberra Owen Gaffney, Stockholm Debra Roberts, Durban Aromar Revi, Bangalore

The New Urban Agenda, being adopted at Habitat III, requires a coherent and legible global urban scientific community to provide expertise to direct and assess...

Habitat III is finally a reality. From your perspective, what would be the single most important tangible outcome (not output) of the event—short or long term—and what will it take to achieve this outcome?
Yunus Arikan, Bonn Xuemei Bai, Canberra Genie Birch, Philadelphia & New York Maruxa Cardama, Brussels Bharat Dahiya, Bangkok PK Das, Mumbai David Dodman, London William Dunbar, Tokyo Anjali Mahendra, Chapel Hill & New Delhi Jose Puppim, Johor Bahru / Cambridge / Rio David Satterthwaite, London Huda Shaka, Dubai David Simon, London Pengfei XIE, Beijing Lorena Zárate, Mexico City