Nikki Lindt—The Underground Sound Project

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The Underground Sound Project is a collection of underground sound recordings made by artist Nikki Lindt over the course of the past year in the five boroughs of NYC and in rural Cherry Valley, NY. The recordings are made by placing microphones underground, underwater and even inside trees.

Done as part of residency at NYC Urban Field Station Residency. Made possible by the USDA Forest Service, NYC Parks and The Nature of Cities.

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The Underground Sound Project

The Soundwalk is experienced along the trail in Prospect Park, NY. Along the path you will encounter features, such as a stream, old growth tree, soils, wildflowers, and many more. Via a sign with a QR code at designated locations along the walk, you will be able to experience the corresponding subsurface sounds. The soundwalk can also be experienced remotely with headphones.

Preview from Plants and Bodies of Water

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Exhibition Credits

This exhibition was organized by NYC Urban Field Station, and adapted as virtual exhibition by the Forum for Radical Imagination on Environmental Cultures (FRIEC) at The Nature of Cities.


USDA Forest Service, NYC Urban Field Station

production for this exhibition:
Nikki Lindt, artist
Karen Tsugawa, TNOC web developer

David Maddox, TNOC director