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John Kostyack,  Washington, D.C.

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John Kostyack

John Kostyack

Vice President, Wildlife Conservation
National Wildlife Federation
Washington, DC USA

John Kostyack is Vice President of Wildlife Conservation for the National Wildlife Federation, where he leads NWF’s wildlife and habitat programs. A key focus of his work is protecting people and wildlife from intensified flooding and other harmful impacts of climate change. He also leads campaigns to protect and restore important Western landscapes, the Appalachian forests, aquatic ecosystems, and urban and suburban habitats.

John frequently writes and lectures on meeting the challenges of conserving U.S. wildlife and ecosystems in a warming world. His most recent publication, in the September 2011 issue of BioScience, outlines policy solutions for facilitating movement of plants and animals in a changing climate. He serves on the board of the American Wind Wildlife Institute, a unique NGO-industry collaboration focused on developing wildlife-friendly wind energy.

John is a longtime leader on Endangered Species Act policy. He helped to win the endangered species conservation tax incentive for private landowners passed by Congress in 2008 and has won a series of important court rulings for wildlife through his legal advocacy, some of which have led to national conservation policy improvements.

September 11, 2013

While I was enjoying my August beach vacation, the federal government was releasing its plan for rebuilding the New York City metro area and the New Jersey shore in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. I grew up in the New Jersey suburbs and spent many summers on the Jersey shore, in some of the very … Continue reading Rebuilding After Hurricane Sandy—A Blueprint for a Better Future for People and Wildlife

May 22, 2013

2013 is the 40th anniversary of two important moments in wildlife conservation history. In 1973, Congress enacted and President Nixon sign into law the Endangered Species Act. The ESA has become the U.S.A.’s most important wildlife conservation law, helping rescue from extinction the American bald eagle, the Florida panther, and hundreds of other at-risk species. … Continue reading 40 Years of Success Protecting Backyard and Endangered Species

October 22, 2012
Children came into the fishway and thinking how to use the stones for the ecosystem near the river mouth, 2012. Photo: Keitaro ITO

The near absence of any discussion of the environment in the presidential debates has led me to think about the state of the U.S. environmental movement. In one sense, conservationists in the U.S. should be proud of all that we have accomplished in cleaning up our air and water, restoring fish and wildlife, and increasing … Continue reading Hands-On Habitat Volunteers—A Key to the Future of the Environmental Movement