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Victoria Marshall,  Newark

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  • Victoria Marshall

    Victoria Marshall

    Newark NJ USA

    Victoria Marshall is the principal and founder of TILL, a Newark based design practice. She is a registered landscape architect trained in both landscape architecture and urban design. Originally from Sydney, Australia, Ms. Marshall completed her graduate studies at the University of Pennsylvania PennDesign in 1997 with a Masters of Landscape Architecture and Certificate in Urban Design. In 2010 she launched and directed a new Urban Design BS Program at Parsons The New School for Design, and was awarded a 2010-2012 fellowship by the India China Institute. In addition to participation in the academy, Ms. Marshall is engaged in collaborative research with ecologists which is reflected in numerous publications. The goal of switching between these three modes; making, teaching and collaborating is to allow broader fields of inquiry into TILL and to also allow multiple ways of working to emerge out of TILL. This is not just for personal curiosity, it is a strategic choice toward building a better design practice as well as a way to hold open the question of how to live in cities.

    January 3, 2015

    Small-scale urban spaces can be rich in biodiversity, contribute important ecological benefits for human mental and physical health (McPhearson et al., 2013), and overall help to create more livable cities. Micro_urban spaces are the sandwich spaces between buildings, rooftops, walls, curbs, sidewalk cracks, and other small-scale urban spaces that exist in the fissures between linear infrastructure … Continue reading Micro_Urban: The Ecological and Social Potential of Small-Scale Urban Spaces

    February 9, 2014
    Image 5: When a long branching soi meets a big road with a sky train. Credit: Khim Pisessith and Grape Nalintragoon

    Walking in Bangkok is a messy experience. It is impossible to predict a change of grade or width of sidewalk under your feet. That is if there is a sidewalk. Similarly it is impossible to predict if the next building you walk past will be a shop house, condominium, bungalow, abandoned orchard, construction site, shopping … Continue reading Bangkok: Beautiful Mess

    July 31, 2013
    Fig 14. Urban Portico Section. Credit: Wendy Van Kessel

    This blog post takes the form of a seminar report. It is a reflection of the work of the City in Environment class of spring 2013 at The New School, New York. It is also a reflection on urban practice. In this class student explored and interrogated many terms that surround the urban environmental debate. … Continue reading Who Creates the Art of Urban Practice?

    April 14, 2013

    Urban Design practices have always been created in response to emerging and overlapping city models and the disciplinary contexts designers find themselves in. I have found that the urban ecology framework of Patch Dynamics has been key in allowing me to see how city models such as the megalopolis and the megacity interact and generate … Continue reading Patch Reflection

    September 25, 2012

    In 1990 the municipal landfill of the City of Elizabeth, New Jersey (near New York City) was officially closed and a leachate system, layers of cleaner soils, and two brand new wetlands were constructed. The landfill, located on the waterfront on Newark Bay, on top of the mouth of a creek that once supported the … Continue reading Designing Integrated Ecologies: Real Estate, Ecosystems, and Everyday Perception