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Maria E Ignatieva,  Uppsala

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  • Maria E Ignatieva

    Maria E Ignatieva

    Professor of Landscape Architecture Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences Uppsala, Sweden Dr. Maria Ignatieva is Professor of Urban Ecology and Design at the Swedish University of Agriculture Sciences. She has worked extensively in Russia, the United States, New Zealand and recently in Sweden. Maria’s current interests include ‘putting nature back into neighborhoods’, theoretical, methodological and practical approaches to sustainable landscape design in the era of globalization with an emphasis to urban biodiversity and design. She also experienced in of landscape architecture, restoration and conservation of historical parks and gardens.

    April 5, 2015

    In October 2014, we had a great opportunity to explore different green areas of several Chinese cities within the project “Sustainable green infrastructure in urban-rural areas of China based on eco-civilization,” which was sponsored by the Chinese Government. It was particularly interesting to see different types of greenery that reflects the development of planning structure … Continue reading Chinese Urban Green Areas: Classic Gardens to a Globalized Landscape

    August 28, 2014
    Shadowed green roof. Skansen Museum, 2013

    Green roofs are becoming more popular around the globe and are considered to be a very progressive landscape design devise in urban areas. The green roof has started to become fashionable—it is even considered as one of the “compulsory” sustainable buildings features and an important part of urban green infrastructure. For example in Germany and … Continue reading The New Is Well Forgotten Old: Scandinavian Vernacular Experience on Biodiverse Green Roofs

    February 12, 2014
    Large parts of the southern Lake shore was planted with reeds where a popular system of recreational boardwalks was built. Photo: Maria Ignatieva

    Hammarby sjöstad (Hammarby Lake City) is an urban development project directly south of Stockholm’s South Island. This is no doubt the most referenced and visited spot among Scandinavian examples of implemented eco-friendly urban developments. Hammarby is included in many publications, for example in the recent Ecological Design by Nancy Rottle (2011). There are 13 000 … Continue reading Hammarby Sjöstad — A New Generation of Sustainable Urban Eco-Districts

    September 18, 2013

    Compared with other countries, Russia came relatively late to the world of market economy. It was a quite painful process as the Socialist planned economy changed to the demands of the market and working with private investors. Rapid urbanisation and new rules of planning require searching for new approaches to design and management of urban … Continue reading St. Petersburg: Towards Integrated and Sustainable Green Infrastructure

    January 27, 2013

    I was lucky to be born in St. Petersburg, Russia, the city of museums and parks.  My first scientific passion was exactly historical imperial gardens.  Traditionally gardens have been seen as very special places, as paradises where people can enjoy sounds of water and birds, can rest their eyes on green grass and bright flowers … Continue reading Historic Gardens – Where Nature Meets Culture – Can be Urban Biodiversity Hotspots

    July 24, 2012

    I started my research as a landscape architect and urban ecologist in St. Petersburg, Russia. My home town is one of the biggest European cities and it is famous for numerous historical landscapes. In that time (1990’s) investigation of urban biotopes was a novelty. Passion for the history of landscape architecture resulted in my concentration … Continue reading Let us champion “Biodiversinesque” landscape design for the 21st century